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Exterior Teflon

Paintseal Direct Exterior Teflon

We use a world leading PTFE sealant. This high-gloss, durable and transparent product is professionally applied by our specialist fitting team. Once applied, the coating seals and protects your caravan, motorhome, plane, helicopter or boat’s exterior, and is suitable for use on ABS and GRP surfaces.

The paint sealant provides a tough barrier against road grime, acid rain and salt attack.

The removal of black streaks, bird lime and tree sap also becomes a lot easier, as the sealant barrier prevents them ‘biting’ into the exterior surface. It also means there is no need for the use of harsh and abrasive cleaning products (which can damage your paintwork).All that is required to retain that new showroom look is regular washing, and for those real stubborn marks, Paintseal Direct have developed excellent, non-abrasive/harmful cleaning aftercare products that do not damage the exterior coating.

Our PTFE treatments have been tested and approved by Hodgson Sealants and Thompson Plastics, ensuring that your caravan, motorhome, plane, helicopter or boat is fully protected, and in harmony with the ABS/GRP manufacturers guidelines.

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