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So what’s this Paintseal all about?

Ok, in laymans terms, If you were to look at your exterior paint surface , you would see that there are tiny peaks and troughs in the exterior surface. Over time toughened grime and impurities become embedded into to troughs, in most cases the only way to fully remove this grime is by using abrasive cleaning products. The use of these eventually wear down the exterior surface which leads to the appearance of dull and flat looking paintwork.

What does Paintseal Direct protective coatings do?

When Paintseal protective products are professionally applied (by one of our experts) to the exterior, it will fill in those troughs with a unique, tough, transparent layer which bonds to the exterior surface. It leaves a super smooth finish which will protect and lock in the original gloss. Making cleaning so much easier and will enhance the resale value of your caravan, motorhome, boat, etc.

So what is so special about our protective coatings?

We pride ourselves on only using the very best market leading protective coatings, we use both PTFE (Teflon) based exterior and interior protective coatings and our Aviation Approved Liquid Glass Ceramic Coating, Gen-3, which is solvent resistant.

Is it a waste of money?

Some people say that any wax/polish would have the same result, but our argument is that Paintseal Protective coatings are neither wax or polishers and unlike wax/polish, which need applying often and generally are gone within weeks, our protective coatings bond to the surface they’re applied to and will remain for many years without re-application being required in that time, also it makes cleaning easier and with no need for waxing/polishing, so wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying yourself, rather than waxing/polishing at the weekend?
One further point is that the resale value is usually greater as a result of having our protective coatings on them, so saving you money in the long term.